Security and Privacy Products

A lot of products are designed to protect your data and privacy. We've already done the research for you! Take a look below at some of our recommendations.

Firewall & Router

Your home router is the bridge to the open Internet. If you don't properly guard this bridge, it can be used as an avenue for attacks. A firewall can help prevent unauthorized access.

Encrypted Hard Drive

This hard drive from Kingston makes protecting your data very easy. Out of the box, this device encrypts the contents to a password you create. Use this to store sensitive data offline securely. 

Encrypted Flash Drive

Protecting your data on the go has never been easier than with this USB flash drive from Kinston. Out of the box, this device encrypts the contents of the flash drive with a custom password.

Webcam Cover

Don't let your camera get used without your knowledge! Using a cover like this one provides a simple, yet effective way of obscuring the camera view until you want to use it. 

See all camera privacy covers.

USB Data Blocker

Prevent Juice Jacking by utilizing one of these data blocking USB adapters. You can safely connect to any USB outlet and your own cable without concern of someone accessing your data.

RFID Blocking Sleeves

Thieves can steal your data by using RFID readers by simply passing by. Keep your information safe by using RFID blocking sleeves on your credit cards, passport, and smart cards.

An alternative is an RFID blocking wallet.

Password Notebook

The original password manager. A password notebook is one of the most effective ways of keeping your passwords from hackers. Just remember to maintain control of it at all times.

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